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High-end Dining Chair
Oct 15, 2018

Children's luxury multifunctional dining chair in the general dining chair based on the addition of MP3 function, vibration massage function, rocking chair function, suitable for 0-4 years of age of different ages of the baby.

MP3 function: Play Lullaby, Story, poetry, piano, etc., can control the time, volume, up/down, pause and switch.

Rocking-Chair mode: Let your baby enjoy swinging at home while shaking, and the vibration function allows the baby to relax and improve the quality of sleep.

Dining Chair Mode: Table design easy to clean, three gears can be adjusted before and after around. Out of the way: the wheel with lock design, safety does not occupy space. Suitable for baby: gentle, warm music to promote the baby's auditory development, soothe the baby's emotions, cultivate music literacy; rhythmic rocking or gentle shaking is the best way for your baby to play and relax; adjustable dining Chair mode makes your baby comfortable and safe; four-wheel design facilitates out-of-office, while taking care of both play and rest.

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