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Kid High Chair

The Infant High Chair is designed to help babies successfully transition from a one-on-one feeding process to eating at the same table as their parents, not only making it easier for parents to take care of their babies, but also allowing them to have fun while eating.
All functional design is based on the baby's physical development and subjective feelings. The split function is not designed to avoid the safety performance, and the optimization of the own functions of the dining chair is emphasized.
Shopping tips
1. A good brand of environmentally friendly solid wood material is better than plastic. The surface and all the details and edges must be smoothed. Also check the underside of the tray. Do not have any holes or gaps that allow the baby to reach into the fingers to avoid stabbing, pinching or scratching the baby.
2. There must be a non-slip and protective design, such as a seat belt on the backrest. If there is a pulley design, the degree of firmness of the pulley lock must be checked.
3. Personally prefer the baby dining chair with its own plate and height adjustment. The base is wide and it is not easy to fall over. The baby can grow up and use it. Of course, the self-contained plate must be non-toxic plastic.
If the selection is stable and the base is wide, the chair will not fall over easily;
The edges are not sharp, if it is wooden, there is no burr;
The depth of the seat is suitable for the baby to use, and the baby can sit on the space to move; If the tray and other accessories are plastic products, you should choose non-toxic plastic, and the hot water will not be deformed after brushing.
Baby dining chairs are generally equipped with safety equipment. When using, be sure to use safety equipment for the baby, including seat belts and sturdy buckles across the baby's thighs and through the legs. The seat belts should be able to adjust the tightness. When adjusting, you must be strong enough. If the baby chair has wheels, the wheels should be lockable.
Even if your baby is well fixed, you can't rely entirely on these built-in security measures. Be careful when your baby is in the chair.
As one of the leading kid high chair manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy discount kid high chair at low price from our factory.
  • Kid High Chair Plastic

    The Kid High Chair Plastic steel tube consists of four sides and elbows on both sides.
    The body thickness is 1.2MM and the load can reach 150KG to prevent external impact caused by front and rear roll.
    It uses food grade PP material, high temperature resistance of...
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  • Kid High Chair Eating Folding

    Kid High Chair Eating Folding can nurture your baby's eating etiquette.
    Kid High Chair Eating Folding can give your baby an equal family atmosphere.
    Kid High Chair Eating Folding can be a tool for baby learning.
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  • Kid Learn to Sit Chair Best Seller

    There are many kinds of Kid Learn to Sit Chairs on the market. The more products, the more choices, the harder it is to decide.
    In the face of so many children's dining chairs, many friends don't know what kind of children's dining chairs are good.
    DodoBaby is a...
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  • Kid Chair High Chair Home Use

    The Kid Chair High Chair Home Use has a new high quality, sturdy steel frame and heavy-duty stable base for a balanced balance.
    Advanced and harmless plastic materials for infant safety form the entire frame.
    In addition, the polished sides and corners are...
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  • Portable High Kid Child Outdoor

    Portable High Kid Child Outdoor is easy to fold.
    The seat cushion can be removed and it is easier to clean, creating a clean environment for the baby.
    Its Level High Low is adjustable and comes with a five-point seat belt for multiple child safety.
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  • Kid Dining Table Multifunctional

    Kid Dining Table Multifunctional's main concept of thickened double-wings is more inclusive and more conducive to the development of the baby's spine.
    It is designed in a solid color and is more sleek and simple.
    It makes the baby not stand up when sitting, it is...
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  • Kid Eating High Chair Gear Adjusting

    Kid Eating High Chair Gear Adjusting is easy to put away and carry around.
    This high chair is specially designed for easy carrying.
    The complete design structure is matched with a 3-position adjustable tray to grow with your child and provide them with extra...
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  • Kid Dining Table Portable Folding

    Kid Dining Table Portable Folding is suitable for babies from 6 months to 4 years old.
    The products conform to national standards and adopt a worldwide recognized stable triangular structure.
    The height is adjustable in 3 steps, which is suitable for different...
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  • Kid High Chair with Wheel Portable

    The width of the Kid High Chair with Wheel Portable is strictly controlled, and the force support is suitable.
    The baby's spine is always upright and protects the development of the spine.
    Whether it is sitting or lying, it is very comfortable and gives him enough...
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  • Kid Feeding High Chair Best Seller

    This is our new baby high chair, perfect for safely placing your baby in a chair when dining at home or on a trip.
    The Kid Feeding High Chair features a foldable design and an adjustable tray height.
    It features advanced, harmless plastic material and a sturdy...
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As one of the leading kid high chair manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy discount kid high chair at low price from our factory.