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Child High Chair

The Infant High Chair is designed to help babies successfully transition from a one-on-one feeding process to eating at the same table as their parents, not only making it easier for parents to take care of their babies, but also allowing them to have fun while eating.
All functional design is based on the baby's physical development and subjective feelings. The split function is not designed to avoid the safety performance, and the optimization of the own functions of the dining chair is emphasized.
Shopping tips
1. A good brand of environmentally friendly solid wood material is better than plastic. The surface and all the details and edges must be smoothed. Also check the underside of the tray. Do not have any holes or gaps that allow the baby to reach into the fingers to avoid stabbing, pinching or scratching the baby.
2. There must be a non-slip and protective design, such as a seat belt on the backrest. If there is a pulley design, the degree of firmness of the pulley lock must be checked.
3. Personally prefer the baby dining chair with its own plate and height adjustment. The base is wide and it is not easy to fall over. The baby can grow up and use it. Of course, the self-contained plate must be non-toxic plastic.
Founded in 1992, DodoBaby is one of the most professional child high chair manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory offers the best quality products with low price. Welcome to buy discount child high chair for sale here.
  • Child High Chair Plastic

    Child High Chair Plastic is an innovation designed and multifunctional high chair, with all functions of high chair and baby swing, which is can be operated and switch between high chair and swing easily.
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  • Child High Chair Eating Folding

    Child High Chair Eating Folding is a special chair for children to eat.
    Children's dining chairs cater to the concept of children's education in modern society, facilitating children's interest in eating while eating, helping children to transition from parenting to...
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  • Child Learn to Sit Chair

    The baby grows up every day (wearing thick cotton coats in winter).
    The space from the back of the chair to the tabletop can be adjusted to suit the baby's growth needs.
    This Child Learn to Sit Chair is perfect for every parent.
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  • Child Chair High Chair Home Use

    Our Child Chair High Chair Home Use uses an advanced silent wheel that rotates 360 degrees to get where you want to go.
    When the baby falls asleep or wants to walk, the mother pushes the dining chair without worrying that the noise will cause discomfort to the baby.
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  • Portable High Chair Child Outdoor

    Now the Portable High Chair Child Outdoor can easily solve the problem of feeding.
    Let the baby sit on his own dining chair and eat comfortably.
    At the same time, it is the ability to coordinate the baby's hands, eyes and brain.
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  • Child Dining Chair Multifunctional

    Everyone who has a baby knows that every time he goes to dinner, the baby is always restless and likes to toss at the table.
    So develop a good habit of your baby, starting with eating.
    This foldable, portable children's dining chair is a great choice, whether it's...
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  • Child Eating High Chair Gear Adjusting

    Cultivate your baby's good eating habits and grab them from the doll period.
    This Child Eating High Chair Gear Adjusting, the whole chair can be folded, compact folding volume, and small space can also be easily stored.
    Just hold the two side adjustment keys with...
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  • Child Dining Table Portable Folding

    Although Child Dining Table Portable Folding can't let the baby eat from here, it can provide a good feeding environment for the baby, help him develop good eating habits, and avoid the hard work of his parents chasing the baby.
    Baby and adults can eat at the same...
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  • Child High Chair with Wheel Portable

    Child High Chair with Wheel Portable can be adjusted to allow the baby to dine with the adults at the table or to lower the seat for the baby to eat.
    The back of the chair can be tilted backwards to facilitate the parent's feeding of the baby.
    It also designed a...
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  • Child Feeding High Chair Best Seller

    In fact, the Child Feeding High Chair is a tool for cultivating your baby to develop good eating habits, so when the baby can sit alone, the mother will choose a suitable children's dining chair for the baby to cultivate good eating habits and let the baby Eat for yourself.
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As one of the leading child high chair manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy discount child high chair at low price from our factory.